Saturday, August 13, 2011

As School Gets Ready to Start!!

As I sit here filling out registration forms for Anthony, to start kindergarten, I hear that another high school athlete has died out on the football field. Right now they are saying that cause of death is from heat exhaustion until they are able to do an autopsy.  Chances are I think that once they perform this autopsy that they are going to find out that this kid had an undetected heart problem.

If there is one thing that I am more passionate about than Down Syndrome it is heart problems.  It just boggles my mind that in this day and age and that so many young men and women have to die while out on the fields playing sports that they love just because a simple test was not done to check out the condition of their heart.

Coming from a mom with two kids with congenital heart defects that were not caught after they were born.  I now know how easy it is for a doctor to not be able to pick up a heart murmur in the office by just listening.  Doctors need to do EKG and Ultrasounds in able to pick up problems that the heart is experiencing.

Of course we brought Mark, to the cardiologist when he was first born even though he had left with no known defects.  To find out that he had 2 holes in his heart and that he had one valve. To have such significant problems in his heart and never have it detected in the hospital dumbfounds me.  Then Mark's, cardiologist suggested that David, be checked out also since he said kids that are born after a sibling with congenital heart defects are also likely to have some defects.  I am so thankful that I listened to the doctor and brought him in because we found out that he to has a significant murmur and that his blood vessels were bigger than the muscles of his heart and something that needs to be checked on every 6 months.

So as the mother of 4 boys I am going to be sending my oldest 2 to the cardiologist just to give me a piece of mind that they are okay or to see if we need to monitor them.  I had mentioned to another mother about how younger siblings of  congenital siblings should be checked out also and she said my doctor would never put a referral in based on the fact that a sibling had a heart problem.  I posed to her though that she wouldn't know if she didn't ask and that it is family history and now a known trait.  That if it was me I would be asking and then demanding and if I still did not get what I wanted then I would sacrifice and make arrangements with the cardiologist for payment. She was surprised when she asked her doctor for a referral that it was given to her.

I think it should be mandatory for kids to have a more thorough check done when they go in for physicals when they play sports.  I know when I use to go in for high school physicals it was such a joke. They took all your vitals and then asked if you had any allergies and any known medical conditions that would limit your playing.  What an absolute joke these physicals were they just barely looked at you as they were signing your form allowing you to play sports for another school year.

I want to reach someone long before my kids ever get into high school about getting athletes hearts checked out.  I think that these physicals need to have on there that an EKG or ultrasound was done of the heart before they were cleared to play sports.  I never want my kids to lose a friend and teammate out on the field because they died of an undetected  heart problem.

If insurances won't allow you to see a cardiologist unless there is an actual cause for it.  I think that the schools should work with local cardiologists and have them come to the high school and perform tests on the kids.  This seems like something that could be done for relatively cheap especially if teams do fundraisers for it and if the doctors worked with the schools to keep the costs low.  Plus it is a relatively quick procedure that probably doesn't take much more than 15 minutes to do.  I know for us it takes about 45 minutes to an hour but that is just because it takes a long time to keep the babies settled down.

How many young adults have to die out on the fields before schools start to get smart and say maybe these deaths can be prevented if we do something more proactive?

Just something that has been bothering me for the last couple of weeks it just drives me crazy to hear about all these kids that die because they didn't know.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Poly Sci Prof once said....

I will tell you the easiest way to get out of jury duty.  I perked up a little more and took notes on how to get out of jury duty.  He said that the quickest way to get out of jury duty is to inform them that you believe that one is guilty until proven innocent. He said more than likely neither side is going to want you and will quickly dismiss you. He then said if that doesn't work then tell them that you believe in Capital Punishment (an eye for an eye) and he said if that fails then tell them that you think there should still be public hangings and firing squads.  If this doesn't get you out of jury duty then you know that they must be desperate for jurors and are willing to take anyone.

I remember this all so clearly because I recently received summons from 2 different courts to be a juror.  As I held these letters in my hand looking at them I thought to myself would I really stand up in a court and say all of this nonsense just to get out of jury duty. I instantly knew the answer that I could never do that.  Then as I read further I noted that I would be able to get out of jury duty seeing as to how I am the primary caregiver to my 4 boys and that I am still nursing one of them.

As I was reflecting about my old Poly Sci Prof something started to prick in my heart.  "You know that they said I was guilty and had to prove that I was innocent and you know how that turned out." " Do you not remember how you felt as you sat there watching the Passion of the Christ?"  "Do you not remember how your heart felt like it was breaking into pieces and how you cried when you watched me carry my cross through the streets and how I was beaten? " " Remember the horror you felt as they drove the nails into my hands and feet."  I immediately repented and asked God to forgive me for even thinking about saying something like that just to get out of a duty that is ours as citizens of our country.

God spoke further to my heart saying don't you know that one day I will be your judge and how would you want to be judged as being guilty first and have to try and prove your innocence realizing that you will never be able to prove it.  God also made it real to me that as Christains we should embrace the opportunity to be jurors.  You never know when we may be the only ones that will be able to help out that defendant because we may be the only ones praying for God to give us wisdom and guidance to do what is right.  Who knows how many people we may be able to help out just because we are  sensitive to God's gentle whisper to us.

So the next time that I receive jury summons I will not be looking for the easiest way out (that is as long as it is not now since I am still nursing).  But I will look at as a way of serving God and asking him to guide me and the rest of us jurors that we will be sensitive to all that is said and all that is around us.

I know that this is not about my family as I normally write about but I felt like this was something that God wanted me to put down on paper for others to read.

God Bless,

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Putting my Dream on Hold? Or Changing my Dream?

Recently I had begun the process of applying to nursing school and was excited at the thought of finally pursuing the dream of being a nurse that I have had for several years now.
But the other day Guy, called me all excited and he exclaimed that we were both going to become licensed to sell insurance.  The "old me" before reading "The Power of a Praying Woman and The Power of a Praying Wife" would have told Guy off and told him no way. 
But since I have begun to read these books and really focus on what I am praying for I have begun to notice changes in me and also in our marriage.  I use to pray for our marriage and for us but I never really knew what to pray for and it felt like nothing was happening.  Then I started reading these books and in just a few short weeks have noticed changes in both of us.
As he was talking I started to become excited to and realized that in order for Guy to own his own business like he wants to, that he is going to need me to be able to help him out.  For now I realize that we will not be able to afford to pay for an extra agent to help out with the load.
His excitement in starting on with our new lives after the Army is infectious and it is great to feel the excitement that he is feeling.  How could I not be excited when I can clearly see that God's hand is in this .  I have been praying and asking God to lead us in the right direction and into something that Guy will be able to do at his age.
Then last night God made it real to me in a dream.  That yes, I may never realize my dream of becoming a nurse ,and giving new moms the kind of comfort that I had received upon hearing Markie's ,diagnosis of Down Syndrome.  But instead that I would become a volunteer and that instead of being at only one hospital that I would be able to go too many hospitals and give people hope and comfort!!
How awesome is that dream that God gave me. I woke up so excited and confident in the direction that we are headed in.  We serve such an awesome God, and I love the idea of being able to serve at many hospitals and to be able to touch many lives!!
Now I am off to start studying insurance books so that way I can take the state test soon!!
Prayerfully yours,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Are we going to Jesus' Kingdom...

This is what Peter asked me yesterday, when I told him that it was Easter.  I was shocked and pleased at the same time to take note that my boy is paying attention to what he is being taught in school.  I can't help but praise God, for the prayers that he is answering that my boys will come to know Him and have a thirst for His Word and to want to know Him personally so that way they can one day enter into His Kingdom!
I tried to explain as best as I could to a 3 year old that we can never know when God is going to say it is time for Peter, to come into My Kingdom.  I told him that there is only  1 way that I know of us meeting Jesus and going into his Kingdom and that is asking Jesus into our heart and leading us and guiding us and following the rules that God wants us to follow.  I asked him if he wanted to do that now he told me that he "can't want to because rules are bad".  Sigh I have to remind myself that he is only 3 and he is not too big into doing what others want him to do.
 But Praise God a tiny seed has been planted into my son's heart that is going to take root and continue to grow and one day he is going to want to ask Jesus into his heart. I am already claiming it for all of my boys that they are going to come to know Jesus and that they are going to love walking with Him.
I also explained to him that I believe there are only 2 ways as of now in meeting Jesus and that is we die and go to Heaven to be with Jesus or  that beautiful trumpet is going to be blown and quicker than he can open and close his eyes we are going to be in Heaven with Jesus!! 
He wasn't to impressed with this information and like most typical 3 year olds he asked when him and Anthony could open up their Easter baskets.  I am hoping that next year that I will be able to take my boys to church for an Easter service. Everyone will be older and hopefully ready to sit still and listen.
My question for all of you, is are you ready when Jesus calls for you to come to up to His Kingdom?!
Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt at my Uncle's Church

Note the two bags in Anthony's hands

Peter did better with this egg hunt

Some of the hiding spots

Woot woo look at all those eggs Peter

Even Markie found a couple of eggs

Ahh next year you can join us Baby David

Grandma with her babies

My handsome little man I can't help but take pictures of him

Oh boy look at all the eggs you guys got unfortunately they didn't find the golden egg with $5.00 in it!!

I let them paint the eggs this year they did pretty good but some of them became kinda funky because they were trying to make them brown and black. Not sure why they wanted those colors.

My Uncle Jerry asking the blessing for the food.

My Aunt Myra being a great Pastor's wife making sure everyone is having a good time

Finally last but not least my sweet baby's first Easter in the traditonal dress that my boys have each worn for their first Easter!

Praying God's blessings for all of you,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring Fling

We went to our last family event with the Army the other day and what a gorgeous day it was to hold a party for the families.  This is one of the many things that we are going to miss about being out of the military, is all the family events that they put on for the family and they always have the kids in mind and have plenty of fun things for them to do. 
There are plenty of other things that we will miss with the Army especially with the knowing of where that next paycheck is coming.  But I guess even that is now up in the air with the possibility of a government shutdown once again.  It is a scary thing when you are a one income family and you are hearing once again that our leaders need to work on the budget just to get us through July.
All I can do is leave our situation in God's capable hands.  He knows where we are and what we need in a month to be able to live
The Fun House the boys love it even Markie

My Gorgeous boy relaxing in the Fun House he had a hard day of PT.

The end result for their hats, Anthony likes to use all stickers regardless of what is on it!!

There was an Easter Egg Hunt and unfortunately Peter still doesn't understand the concept and just walked to get eggs so he missed out on a lot of eggs the kids would see him walking to get an egg and they would run to get it.  Hopefully he will do better at the next egg hunt we go to!!

They had a balloon artist there and he was one of the best ones I have ever seen.  I would like to have him come for Anthony's birthday party, I think the kids would love him.

Prayerfully yours,

Monday, April 11, 2011

Guy finally made that comment...

You know the comment of Markie finally looks like a little boy with Down Syndrome.  In the beginning I always wondered how I would feel to hear those words.  It just all came in stride, I said really all I see is my cute adorable baby with gorgeous almond shaped eyes.  These precious almond shaped eyes I like to think are credit from his Japanese heritage. They remind me of my mom, grandma and grandpa when I look at those beautiful almond shape eyes that my boy gets to sport.
It is so neat to see how much I have grown in the short 18 months that we have been on our journey with Down Syndrome.  In the beginning if I had heard that comment I am sure that I would have broken down in tears. With the fear that my baby was different genetically from others.  But now I am PROUD that my Little Man sports an extra chromosome. I think this extra chromosome makes him extra cute and lovable!!

This is the cute face that daddy says now looks like a little boy with Down Syndrome. All I see is an adorable little boy with a mommy that is head over heels in love with her  baby boy!!  This is what Down Syndrome looks like to me a sweet baby boy that I love soo much that I would move heaven and earth for him!!

Prayerfully Yours,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Oh the Trauma!!

I finally broke down and allowed Mark to have his first haircut.  It is always so hard for me to let my babies have their first haircut.  For some reason to me it is like hitting a big milestone that says they are growing up as their precious baby locks come off.  As they are gently put into a bag that will go into my safe so that way I can take it out and look at their precious locks of hair and run the locks of hair through my fingers. My heart slowly breaks ever so slightly that my baby is growing up.
I knew it was finally time for Markie to have his haircut a couple of weeks ago when people would comment as to how beautiful my little girl was.  Okay people my boy is wearing boy clothes.  Believe me if I had a little girl you would know it because she would be all dolled up with the cute hair bows and all the cute little ruffly outfits.
Markie actually did great with his first haircut it was mommy that was having all the traumatic emotions of my sweet boy having his first haircut.  As Nicole was cutting off those precious locks my eyes teared up a little and I kept thinking I only have one more baby to do this with.  I am going to make David wait until he is 2 before I touch his head!!

Mark's hair before the cut

Getting reday for the haircut!!

He was such a good boy for the whole 10 minutes that it took Nicole to cut his hair!!

 Hooray I am all done Mommy and look I finally look like a boy!!